Man Lucky To Be Alive After Falling Man Lucky To Be Alive After Falling Chipotle Sign CRUSHES His Car

They say timing is everything, and this couldn't have been more true for Indianapolis resident Mike Ford, who survived after a Chipotle sign crushed his car while he was still inside.

Ford tells Fox 59, "I was extremely lucky, man. The timing, I think, really helped me." The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon, when strong winds were causing damage and power outages in the area.

The sign fell down just as Ford was exiting his car. He recounts, "Just kind of clicked my door to get out and just kind of grabbed the wheel to get out of the car. And next thing I knew I was on the pavement, and didn't really know what happened."

"Luckily I was ducking down," Ford said. "The impact was on the back of my head, so it kind of just pushed me out of the car." Ford then walked to a Sprint store to ask for help and the employees called 911. The gash on the back of his head required five staples.

Witnesses and Ford agree that he probably would have been killed by the sign if he was sitting upright in the driver's seat at the time of impact. "I just think about how I was fortunate to get out," he said. "So many different ways it could have gone wrong, verses maybe just one way went right in my circumstance."