Man Attempts To Smuggle Heroin Hidden Inside A Burrito Into Hospital

Bringing in food for a patient outside of the hospital cafeteria offerings is often a welcome surprise, however an employee at Blake Medical Center in Florida was in for a different kind of 'special' treat. On November 3 a man dropped off a burrito with a heroin-filled syringe, handing the bag of food to a Blake employee and telling them it was intended for a specific patient, according to Bradenton Herald.

When the employee checked the food inside the bag, they discovered a syringe hidden inside the burrito and immediately contacted the Bradenton Police Department. The police tested the liquid inside the syringe with a field test kit, and it tested positive for heroin.

On Tuesday, the police released additional information on the suspect, as well as an image, according to CBS News. The man is said to be between 6' to 6'4”, with a thin build and bleach blonde hair. Anyone with information can call officer Mike McNamee or call Crime Stoppers anonymously for a cash reward of up to $1000.