A Male Version of Hooters Is Opening in Dallas, Texas

It’s called Tallywackers

In what feels like a fairly inevitable turn of events, a male version of Hooters is slated to open next month, and it’s called Tallywackers. 

Set to open in Oak Lawn, a neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, Tallywackers will offer a “bar, restaurant, and live entertainment.” If you’re interested, the upcoming establishment is currently hiring bartenders, servers, busboys, and hosts.

No word yet on the menu, but we do see a hot dog and martini glasses in the promotional photo.

“I haven’t been here,” a soon-to-be fan wrote on Facebook, “but I think this an amazing idea. Women enjoy looking at ‘scenic views’ too!”

All are welcome, according to its Facebook page: “Tallywackers is an enjoyable environment for any audience member seeking a fun, enjoyable environment with respect and great entertainment!”


At the moment, the restaurant is keeping busy with promotional photoshoots, staffing, and fending off expansion requests (yes, already), which are probably not too far off if it does as well as Hooters.