Le Pain Quotidien Introduces Le Botaniste

Botanical-based, apothecary-inspired restaurant opens today in New York City

Le Pain Quotidien fans, meet Le Botaniste. Opening today on the Upper East Side, nestled in one of Le Pain Quotidien’s first locations on Lexington Avenue, Le Botaniste is the counterpart to the Belgium-based restaurant of the same name, according to a release. Its intention? To further organic, plant-based eating in New York City.

To that end, the menu is 100 percent organic and entirely botanical, meaning there are no animal products used on-site. The restaurant itself evokes the feeling of a modern apothecary, featuring details such as glass tincture bottles and white lab coats, implying the health benefits of mindful eating in a visual way. The seasonally changing menu at Le Botaniste features chef-designed ‘prescriptions.’ Highlights include the Tibetan Mama Rice Bowl, “a savory combination of brown rice, peanut curry sauce, steamed greens and spicy kimchi,” and a Dirty Noodle Soup, “with velvety tofu, steamed leeks, garlic and spicy ginger.”

Le Botaniste also encourages diners to design their own hot or cold entrées from the bases, spreads, and toppings available at the restaurant. Vincent Herbert, Le Pain Quotidien’s Global CEO, says, “Thanks to the creative direction of Alain Coumont, LPQ has always been at the forefront of culinary culture - adapting to dietary needs, with a mindful consideration of what’s best for the environment. Botaniste offers an opportunity to continue with these enduring initiatives - making the daring decisions that have bolstered the success of our brand.”

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