Lawsuit Against McDonald’s Claims Extra Value Meals Aren’t a Bargain

McDonald’s Extra Value Meal items actually cost less when ordered separately than when ordered as a bundle

Something doesn’t quite add up.

One McDonald’s customer, James Gertie, of Des Plaines, Illinois, is suing McDonald’s because he claims that Extra Value Meal items actually cost less when ordered separately.

When you bundle two cheeseburgers, a medium French fries, and a drink at McDonald’s, it costs $5.90. If you ordered each of those items separately, it would cost 41 cents less. Gertie told USA Today that it wasn’t about the paltry 41 cents, but rather it was the principle of the matter.

“The pricing makes the meal no ‘value’ at all, let alone an ‘extra value,’” the lawsuit claims.

Gertie is seeking class-action status for a consumer fraud and deceptive practices lawsuit against two restaurants in two Illinois counties, and specifically against McDonald’s manager Karis Management, who owns 10 McDonald’s restaurants in the Chicago area.


The Daily Meal has contacted McDonald’s for a comment.