Kind Arizona Police Officer Buys Groceries for Needy Single Mom

An Arizona police sergeant is being recognized for buying groceries for a single mom, instead of arresting her
Sometimes we need to recognize our men and women in blue for their everyday acts of kindness.


Sometimes we need to recognize our men and women in blue for their everyday acts of kindness.

One Arizona police officer brought a struggling single mom nearly to tears when he bought her groceries instead of arresting her for a public violation.

Glendale Police Sergeant Jeff Turney pulled up to a corner where April Casey, a single mom of a 4-year-old and infant, was selling her son’s toys by the roadside to earn money for groceries.

Casey apparently had been laid off from her job at a pizzeria due to her epilepsy. After having a seizure at work, doctors told her that her condition was so severe that she could not safely work anymore.

When Turney approached her, Casey thought he was going to write her a ticket or arrest her.

"I saw April with her children, with toys spread out on the ground," Turney told AZ Family. "I told her she couldn't have her children out there. It was too dangerous to have her children out there along the edge of the road."

After telling the officer her story and how she was trying to raise money to buy diapers and food for her children, he brought her to a nearby grocery store and let her pick out anything she wanted.

“She didn't buy anything but things for the kids," Turney said. “I practically had to force her back to the grocery section to get food for herself."

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Before leaving, Turney also gave her boys junior officer badges.