Kid Spent 11 Years Eating Sausages and Beans

Shopping for his meals must have been pretty easy
beans and sausages

Flickr / jeffreyw / CC BY 2.0

Imagine surviving on this alone for 11 years.

As any parent can tell you, young children are some of the pickiest eaters around. Once they find a dish they like, they’re loath to try new things, instead wanting to eat the same thing over and over again. Mind you, this phenomenon isn’t just limited to children: I’ve seen people return to the same eatery time and time again, only to order the same exact dish. However, one kid’s story of food devotion surpasses all others.

Tyler Hives of Coventry, England, has spent most of his life eating just one thing: canned baked beans and pork sausages. He had suffered a feeding tube as a premature infant that lead to a distaste for chewing or swallowing, according to his mother, Lindsay. Despite frequent pleas from her to try new fare, Tyler always refused, instead asking for beans and sausages.

If the strange circumstances don’t seem normal, that’s because they aren’t. Tyler suffered from “selective eating disorder,” but despite this medical prognosis, the doctors offered no comfort, merely asserting that Tyler was a picky eater and would soon grow out of the phase.

Worried, Lindsay found a hypnotherapist with experience in the area to help Tyler. After just one session, Tyler was “transformed,” and his diet now looks much more normal, hopefully including some British classics.

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