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KFC to Debut ‘Kentucky Fried Football Challenge’ Game on Instagram

The game will debut Jan. 4

Beto Chagas / Shutterstock

The company worked with ad agency Wieden + Kennedy.

KFC is tapping into college football championships and the Super Bowl with a new game on Instagram: Kentucky Fried Football Challenge.

Starting Jan. 4, the game can be accessed on KFC’s Instagram. Players will be prompted to “Start Here” on a thumbnail of a football field, Adweek reported.

Next, users will pick a play, watch how far the football gets down the field, and be able to repeat the process to get a touchdown.

Through the branded game, KFC "wanted to create a unique gaming experience that combines everyone's love of football, fried chicken and social media,” George Felix, director of advertising for KFC U.S., told Adweek.

“The Kentucky Fried Football Frenzy uses Instagram's native features in a creative and hilarious way that hopefully entertains fans for hours on end.”


KFC is no stranger to innovative marketing tactics — last month the company debuted its first inflatable restaurant in Portland, Oregon.