KFC Brings Back Colonel Sanders with the Help of SNL Great Darrell Hammond

KFC is bringing back the Colonel for the first time since 1980, along with menu changes like new baked beans

Putting a little bit of comedy gold into the familiar image of the Colonel.

Guess who’s back? Back again. The Colonel’s back. Tell your fried chicken-loving friends. KFC has re-introduced a live-action Colonel Sanders for the first time in 35 years, played by Saturday Night Live legend Darrell Hammond. You may remember him as a smooth-talking Bill Clinton or a wisecracking Sean Connery in Celebrity Jeopardy, but this time around, Hammond will be playing the father of fried chicken. This is all a part of a brand redesign, which also includes new packaging, new Finger Lickin’ Good sauce for chicken-dunking, and the introduction of Kentucky baked beans.

“In my line of work I've been able to do impressions of a lot of interesting people. But Colonel Sanders? He was a really fascinating guy,” said Hammond. “It's an honor to bring to life such an iconic figure… and it doesn't hurt that KFC is paying me in chicken (which at the time sounded like a good idea, because I was very hungry that day).”

You’ll be able to see the new Colonel in a series of witty commercials. In the first one, he gives the state of Kentucky Fried Chicken address, saying, “I’m Colonel Sanders, and I’m back, America,” followed by a, quite frankly, creepy laugh.

You can watch the spot below: