Kentucky Fried Chicken or Rat?

This man claims he was served a rat from KFC
Kentucky Fried Fake
Devorise Dixon

Devorise Dixon took this photo of his "KFC order" and posted it on Facebook.

A man in Los Angeles claims that he was served a rat instead of the fried chicken that he ordered from KFC, according to the LA Times.

Devorise Dixon uploaded a photo on Facebook, saying that he went to a KFC on Wilmington Avenue and 120th Street and received what he says to be a rat.

KFC is saying that this is, in fact, a hoax. “Based on this, and the fact that he refuses to allow anyone to see the product, we are left to believe that he intended to deceive the public with this hoax and we are considering all options,” KFC wrote in a statement. The company tried contacting Dixon, but he has not responded. We have reached out to KFC for comment and have not heard back.

The photo is sparking controversy across the internet, with arguments swirling about whether or not it is indeed a rat. It is highly likely that this whole ordeal is Kentucky Fried Fake.

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