Jets Quarterback Bryce Petty Took Heat for Tweeting That He Likes Domino’s Pizza

If he wants to survive in America’s pizza capital, he may need to explore his options
Bryce Petty Likes Domino’s Pizza

Photos Modified: Twitter/Bryce Petty and Flickr/Monsieur Gordon/CC 4.0

Bryce Petty really likes Domino's Pizza.

Newly drafted New York Jets quarterback Bryce Petty might have gotten a little too excited about the fact that you can tweet the pizza emoji to Domino’s to order your food.

First off, Petty is a little late to the party, as Domino’s introduced this service back in May.

But Jets fans were even more critical of Petty’s pizza choices, saying that he could do better.

Someone tweeted that Jets territory isn’t Houston — and another New Yorker said he should order “real pizza.”

Petty went so far as to defend Domino’s to a Jets fan, which added more fuel to the fire.

Eventually, the quarterback issued an apology. At least we know that he’ll be keeping an open mind (maybe he should consider checking our list of the 101 Best Pizzas in America?).

It’s OK, Bryce, all is forgiven. Even Domino’s tweeted at him, saying, “Keep the fans happy, but there’s no NY slice on the road, advantage Domino’s. DM us, we got your road game pizza fix covered.”

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