Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories: Monsanto's 'Chemical Warfare'

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories: Monsanto's 'Chemical Warfare'

Wikimedia: Cory Barnes

Jesse Ventura has a lot of theories about GMOs and how they affect our health.

Former Minnesota governor, WWE superstar, and conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura has a new book coming out this fall, and it’s about — surprise — conspiracy theories. Actually, it's not a new book, it's a new edition of his American Conspiracies, originally published in 2010, which touches on the alleged cover-up of the JFK assassination, 9/11 “truther” theories, and more. But one of the new chapters is alarmingly titled “Monsanto’s Chemical Warfare on Genetically Modified Crops.”

We spoke to Ventura on the phone about the chapter.

Do you really believe Monsanto is waging chemical warfare?

Well, what troubles me about Monsanto is they pay off the politicians and their people get appointed to the FDA. We need a neutral FDA that will look at things from a neutral position. Did you know Monsanto has never been turned down? Anything they want they get. It goes to the corrupt system we have. They’ve infiltrated us.

Do you really think there's a connection between GMOs and autism?

I’m not a professor. I only react to what’s put out there. If you look at kids today, there’s gotta be a reason for this…when I was a kid we didn’t have autism…now every kid has something wrong with them. You have stuff today I’ve never heard of and we’re seeing the results. The trees are bearing fruit now of putting chemicals in our food. Everything has a really long shelf life with preservatives. I avoid GMOs myself.

If you could say anything to a Monsanto executive, what would it be?

I would look at them and ask where they conscience is? How do you possibly sleep at night? Can money really make you that happy?


Ventura, it should be noted, has called America "fascist," has called for the abolition of political parties, and once suggested that the World Trade Center was blown up by previously planted explosives on 9.11.