Jean-Georges at Trump Tower Was the Site of a “Cough-In” Protest

Diners protested the elimination of the Affordable Care Act by engaging in coughing fits at the fancy Trump Tower eatery
Jean georges


Jean-Georges restaurant in Trump Tower is usually a scene of quiet conversation and upscale dining, but last weekend it became the site of a chaotic “cough-in.” On Sunday, diners used their voices — and their lungs — to protest Congress’ Obamacare repeal by staging a joint coughing fit during brunch.

“None of us were actually sick,” protester Mark Milano, part of a group called Rise & Resist, told Eater. “The idea was to draw attention to the healthcare issues in this country. When we began coughing, most of the diners looked at us strangely.”

Milano said that after they started coughing, their group held up signs to show their support of the Affordable Care Act and to question Trump’s healthcare policies, or lack thereof. Although some of the wait staff were apparently “smiling” in response, not everyone was amused by their act of civil disobedience (probably because brunch at Jean-Georges costs $58 per person).

“One man stood up immediately and began snatching signs out of people's hands,” Milano said. “Another guy came up to me and began screaming something in my face... he was right within two inches of my face.”


Police escorted them from the premises where they were met by fellow protesters and spent most of the day marching in resistance to the impending Trump administration.