Japanese Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With The Sounds And Smells Of Mom's Cooking

A new alarm clock from Japan wakes its users with not only sound, but smell as well.  The Jikkalarm (jikka = "home") is designed to mimic the sounds and smells of mom's cooking.

"When the alarm goes off, the knife hits the cutting board at a fast pace to mimic the sound of someone preparing breakfast," Rocket News 24 reported.

Additionally, "a mister blows miso soup-scented steam into your face," detailed Eater.

There are two settings for the alarm: mom mode and newlywed mode. For mom mode, the knife hits the cutting board "at a fast and practiced pace," while newlywed mode "is a bit clumsier." Hilarious.

The Jikkalarm is not on sale just yet, but Rocket News predicts it will be a popular item once released, as it was showcased at the 2016 Maker Faire Tokyo.

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