Japan Has Done It Again: Introducing the Nyarshmallow

Nyarshmallows combine cats, marshmallows, and chocolate for a deliciously adorable treat
Cat Marshmallow

Flickr / Janine / CC BY 4.0

In celebration of its one year anniversary, Felissimo has released limited-edition versions of the popular Nyarshmallow.

The Nyarshmallow is the latest Japanese creation we didn’t realize we needed, but, upon learning of its existence, now need desperately. Thankfully, the creator of the Nyarshmallow, Felissimo, has an international online shop. Nyarshmallows (nyan+marshmallow) are chocolate-filled kitten marshmallows that are almost too adorable to eat.

Each box contains 12 Nyarshmallows, each with a different face. For the one year anniversary of these popular feline treats, Felissimo is releasing limited-edition Nyarshmallows, according to Rocket News, which are the same great product but feature new faces. Unfortunately, these limited-edition marshmallows are not available in the international online shop.


A box of Nyarshmallows will set you back 2,585 yen (about $21), and about $29 to ship to the United States, according to The Huffington Post. It’s a steep price to pay for novelty marshmallows, but gifting these to a cat-lover and seeing the expression on their face might be well worth it.