Jamie Oliver Starts His Own Food Publication with Time Out

Food Tube Magazine, based on Oliver’s online food brand, will be featured in the London issue of Time Out

We’re sure that this magazine will be filled with healthy tips from Mr. Food Revolution.

Watch out, Brits: The newest food publication to hit magazine stands is from none other than Jamie “Food Revolution” Oliver himself. Jamie Oliver will be debuting Food Tube Magazine, a print spinoff of Oliver’s digital food video channel, in collaboration with Time Out. Food Tube will be published initially on April 28 as a 24-page mini magazine inside London’s version of Time Out magazine, according to The Guardian.

“Food Tube is a massive celebration of super-talented food lovers, chefs, experts and cooks, and to be sharing their knowledge, tips, recipes, and ideas with the Time Out audience is really exciting,” Oliver told The Guardian.

Sounds good to us. More specifically, the magazine will include recipes, tips, and guest columns from food personalities who have appeared on Food Tube, like John Quilter, Cupcake Jemma, and DJ BBQ.


The trial launch of the magazine will be distributed to Time Out subscribers, and will expand internationally if successful.