Jack in the Box Just Invented a New Meal: Brunchfast

Jack in the Box announced a ‘brunchfast’ menu, complete with a fried chicken and egg sandwich on an English muffin

Forget fourth meal, now we have “brunchfast,” also known as elevensies.

Get excited: Jack in the Box has invented a whole new meal that combines the best of a fast-food breakfast with the heartiness of brunch.Jack in the Box just announced the launch of an all-day brunchfast menu, complete with a brunch burger on a croissant topped with bacon and eggs, and a fried chicken and egg sandwich on an English muffin.

“It’s no secret breakfast news is all around. Everyone is in our space,” said Iwona Alter, vice president of product marketing and innovation, possibly referring to the recent huge success of the all-day breakfast menu at McDonald’s. “It’s the continuous pushing of the envelope.” 


Other brunchfast menu items include muffins, a “scrambler plate” made with bacon and home-style potatoes, mini pancakes, and a blood orange cooler. Menu items like sourdough omelette sandwiches and French toast have already been spotted at Jack in the Box test locations. The new brunchfast menu will officially roll out at all participating Jack in the Box restaurants on Monday.