This Italian Creative Team Makes Plates Recycled Out of Food Scraps

It gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘leftovers’
Recycled Food Plate

Foodscapes is a plate made out of food scraps.

Americans throw away $640 a year in food per household, but this Italian design team might make us feel better about that.

Whomade has a project called Foodscapes, which is a “shell created with food scraps,” according to the description on the creative team’s website. The Foodscape shell can be used as a plate for dry food, after which it can then be dissolved in water for use as soil fertilizer.

Foodscapes is free of additives, preservatives, dyes, thickeners, concealers, and artificial agents. Whomade partnered with Italian artist Michela Milani to make this project possible.

And if you’re thinking that it might be gross to eat off of recycled food scraps, don’t worry — the inventors insist that their product is clean. Foodscapes are smooth and resemble the texture and color of cork, so you wouldn’t be able to suspect the difference. The best part about these plates? You don’t have to wash the dishes after you use them!

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