Israel Decides That Heinz Ketchup Is Not Real Ketchup

Israel’s Health Ministry says that Heinz ketchup does not contain enough tomato paste
Heinz Ketchup Isn’t Ketchup?


Heinz ketchup is not considered to be ketchup in Israel because it only contains 21 percent tomato paste.

You probably think that Heinz ketchup is in fact ketchup, but Israel is skeptical.

According to Food Navigator, Israel’s Health Ministry will no longer call Heinz ketchup “ketchup,” because it does not contain enough tomato paste.

Israeli trading standards say that ketchup must contain at least 41 percent tomato paste. Heinz allegedly claims that there is 61 percent tomato paste in its ketchup, but Osem Group — a food manufacturer and distributor — said that independent testing that they commissioned found that the product only contains 21 percent tomato paste.

Heinz ketchup will now be referred to in Hebrew as “tomato seasoning.” This will not affect Heinz’s use of the English word “ketchup” on its labels, however.

Osem ketchup is the top-selling brand in Israel, followed by Heinz. Osem’s brand contains all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or colors.


Diplomat, Heinz’s local importer in Israel, petitioned to have the definition of ketchup changed. Israel’s Health Ministry notes that it must contain at least 10 percent tomato solids, and Diplomat wants this changed to six percent.