ISIS Lures Followers with Pancake Recipes, According to New Counter-Terrorism Review

The terrorists are using pancake propaganda to appeal to vulnerable audiences

ISIS is turning to new tactics to feed would-be jihadists.

A newly released Australian National Security review reveals new counter-terrorism strategies, including Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s announcement of a security crackdown in Australia. The report reveals ISIS strategies, including the unusual “pancake propaganda.” According to the report, ISIS has released a pancake recipe as part of their plan to send "highly targeted messages to appeal to vulnerable audience” and lure people into supporting jihadists, according to The Daily Mail. 

The Islamic State-supported website that published the  recipe describes the are pancakes as “quickly and easily prepared and best eaten with honey.” Breakfast chefs are urged to serve the pancakes "to heroes,” and the report states that the pancakes can be utilized as “supply to mujahideen [fighters] before scurrying out onto the fighting fronts and extend the mujahideen energy and power, God willing.”


Pancakes and other “normal” images are meant to counteract the images of violence and death also utilized by terrorist propaganda, and are intended to specifically appeal to young people, according to Business Insider.