Insects May Appear In Swiss Grocery Stores Next Year

Grocery stores in Switzerland might add a new section just for foods made with insects.

According to RT News, the Swiss Veterinary Service endorsed the sale of three insects as part of a plan revision of laws regulating food on June 22. The approved insects are crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms.

Members of the National Council of Switzerland tested out insect meals last year, including mealworm burgers, cricket rissoles (small croquettes), grasshopper chocolate biscuits, and mealworm lemon cakes. Sounds bizarre, but the councilmembers enjoyed the insect fare and want grocery stores to consider adding it to their shelves. One of the councilmembers wrote on her Facebook page: "It was a great discovery for many of my colleagues. I am delighted they recognize its environmental benefits."

Bugs contain high levels of protein, calcium, and iron. They are staples in Asian, Latin, and African cuisines, so their addition to grocery stores isn't as shocking as it sounds. Plus, insects are a sustainable alternative to meat.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations posted this infographic on their Twitter account, noting that over two billion people in the world eat insects. Maybe it's time for Western cultures to embrace bugs?