Ina Garten Opens Up About Not Having Children

Ina Garten doesn't live an average life, having written 10 cookbooks and starring in her own Emmy-winning TV show on the Food Network, Barefoot Contessa. In a recent interview on Katie Couric's podcast, Garten opened up about a decision that she says she chose early on in life: not having children.

"We decided not to have children," she said in the podcast. "I really appreciate that other people do, and we will always have friends that have children that we are close to, but it was a choice I made very early."

According to Garten, she felt that she wouldn't have been able to live the life she has lived with kids in the picture, but her decision may have sparked pressure or judgement from others for living a "child-free" life.

"I think the one thing that we miss (out on) is a lot of people's friends are the parents of their kids' friends," Garten said. "So we never had that connection with other people that I see ... that network. But no, I never felt judged by it. Maybe people did, but I didn't notice."

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