An Ice Cream for the Rest of Us: Ben & Jerry’s Brings Back Festivus Flavor

Ben & Jerry’s brought back a limited edition flavor from their graveyard: Festivus, inspired by the fictional Seinfeld holiday

I for one will be eating Festivus by the spoonful underneath my Festivus pole.

If you find tinsel distracting and take pleasure in airing your grievances to your family every December, then this Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is for you. The iconic ice cream brand has resurrected Festivus ice cream from the flavor graveyard, where it was laid to rest in 2001.The new iteration of Festivus ice cream, inspired by the fictional Seinfeld holiday, is made with brown sugar cinnamon ice cream, gingerbread cookie chunks, and a ginger caramel swirl. It’s a flavor that we bet even the ever-so-cranky Frank Costanza would be proud of.

Even though Ben & Jerry’s has not specifically mentioned whether or not it’s a limited-edition flavor, we’d bet our yadda-yadda that you won’t see the Festivus ice cream in your freezer aisle for long.

“We set out to be Seinfeld-worthy,” says Ben & Jerry’s flavor guru Rob Douglas. “We pondered long and hard about what a holiday ice cream flavor should be, and Festivus was born. This flavor kicks fruitcake’s ass!"

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So grab your checkbook, write a check to The Human Fund, and celebrate with a little ice cream for the rest of us.