Hot Doug's Is Coming Back For One Day Only

We knew he couldn't stay away for too long. Fans of the Chicago dog were highly disappointed when Doug Sohn, the owner of the iconic Hot Doug's, (number three on our list of best hot dogs in America), announced the hot dog eatery's closure last fall. But fear not: you'll be able to relish the taste of the dog one more time this May. Paulina Meat Market, a butcher that used to produce sausages for Hot Doug's in its heyday, will be hosting a Hot Doug's Appreciation Day on May 16, with one free sandwich per guest.

"We're promoting this as Hot Doug's is coming back," Paulina Meat Market manager Bill Begale told The Chicago Tribune. "Think you missed him? Here's one more chance. People will be happy to see him."

Guests can come and sample Sohn's famous creations, including his signature foie gras and sauternes duck sausage with truffle aioli dog, although Sohn himself will not actually be cooking. He will be on hand to shake hands and talk about the good ol' days of the Chicago dog.

Hot Doug's will also be back for the entire month of March in pizza form. Piece Pizzeria in Wicker Park is featuring a specialty pizza all month long featuring Hot Doug's Atomic Bomb sausage.

Is Sohn cooking up something new for his famous Hot Doug's brand? We've reached out to him for comments.