Hooters Waitress Fired for Dyeing Her Hair Wins Discrimination Suit

This is truly one of the dumbest reasons for termination we’ve ever seen

Hooters, you really deserved this loss. 

A former Hooters server who was fired over allegedly violating the company’s “image policy” has won a racial discrimination lawsuit against her former employer, reports NBC.

After a year of working at a Hooters location in Baltimore, Maryland, Farryn Johnson arrived to her waitressing job with blonde highlights in her hair, and was immediately met with disapproval.

Johnson tells NBC, “The manager at the time literally said, ‘you can’t have blonde because black people don’t have blonde hair.’” Johnson began receiving written warnings from her manager and being taken off shifts, and she was ultimately fired from her position altogether.

This week, an arbitrator determined that Johnson’s termination was a form of illegal racial discrimination, and the company must pay $250,000 for lost wages and legal fees.


“I hope that Hooters sees this as an opportunity to make improvements in the way they train their managers and the way they deal with their employees,” Johnson’s lawyer told NBC.