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Homeless Man Refused Service at Denver Taqueria

Customer defends homeless man while establishment claims the man was drunk and bothering customers

Vanessa Varona’s act of kindness towards a homeless man unexpectedly turned into a heated confrontation, which gained local media attention.

Varona, a regular at Taqueria Mexico in West Colfax, offered to buy a homeless man his meal, according to Fox 31. The man was told by a waitress at the restaurant that he could not sit down and was asked to leave. According to a Facebook post by Varona, the waitress continued to be disrespectful to Varona and the homeless man after the man took a seat in Varona’s booth. Varona’s post now has over 8,000 shares.

Fox 31 interviewed staff members and the owner of Taqueria Mexico to investigate Varona’s claims. Staff member Adiel Estrada says, “It wasn’t so much we kicked him out because he was homeless. He was drunk. He had been drinking so we asked him politely to leave.”

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Security footage shows the homeless man hovering over a table of leftovers and wandering around different tables. Estrada continues, “The owner’s policy is we can’t have homeless people coming in to disrupt customers that are enjoying their meals.”