These Hipster Restaurant Parodies Are Spot On

Abbrev’s is a parody restaurant website that pokes fun at the small-plates trend. But how far is it from the truth?
Making Fun of Ridiculous Restaurant Trends is Cool Now
Abbrev’s Restaurant

If Abbrev’s were a real restaurant, we guarantee there’d be a line out the door on opening night.

Live black ants on top of langoustine, cotton candy foie gras… the restaurant world has no shortage of bizarre culinary trends, which makes it all too easy to poke fun at some of the gastronomic weirdness. Austin’s hottest fake restaurant, Abbrev’s, parodies the small plates trend, by listing a menu of gourmet “abbreviated versions of food,” that are “less than a bite, not even a morsel” and aims to leave each eater “only somewhat satisfied but thoroughly intrigued.”

The hipsterfication of food is taken to microscopic extremes on Abbrev’s website, which features real food photography of the fake menu, including “p süp,” a few dabs of pea soup on a plate, “rav n ball,” a dish comprised of a pea-sized meatball and an equally tiny ravioli, and “mostly garnish,” which is exactly what you think. The “restaurant” is the brainchild of comedians Danny Palumbo, his brother Anthony, and Ramin Nazer.

But Abbrev’s certainly isn’t the first parody restaurant to satirize restaurant trends. There was Fuds, a fake restaurant menu advertised at the Great GoogaMooga festival in 2012, featuring bizarre nonsensical food offerings like “catskins” and “Facebook fries” for appetizers and “Ten Percent Soda” which had ingredients grass, dirt, and bubble-free sparkling willow; and “clumps of turkey in a bed of tomato scum.” Delicious.

One parody restaurant, Underfinger, with such menu items as the “charcuterie glove,” and “a single slice of pear” for dessert, was so popular that it actually came to life this summer due to popular demand. 

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