Highlights From Shake Shack’s Earnings Call: Bacon-Cheddar Shack Is Coming, Chick’n Shack Is a Huge Hit

Successful first-quarter earnings attributed to Chick’n Shack and market expansion

The success of Chick’n Shack could mean more chicken menu items in the future.

Shake Shack announced its first-quarter earnings and held a corresponding earnings call featuring Randy Garutti, Chief Executive Officer of Shake Shack, and Jeff Uttz, Chief Financial Officer.

The chain reported a 43.3 percent growth of total revenue and a 9.9 percent increase in same-Shack sales. This spike in sales and traffic has been attributed to the introduction of Chick’n Shack and the chain’s expansion into new markets.

The team announced the launch of Bacon Cheddar Shack, for a limited time only, slated for the second half of this year. It retails for $6.89 and is described as “a classic cheeseburger topped with all-natural bacon and melted, aged cheddar cheese sauce.”


Chick’n Shack, which made its national debut in January, was deemed “the largest driver” of growth for the chain in the first quarter. On whether or not chicken will become its own category on Shake Shack’s menus, Garutti says, “It’s really early but our team is really excited about what other kinds of things we can do with chicken.”

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