High School Student Takes Her Senior Photos in a Taco Bell

Photo Modified: Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC 2.0

High School Student Takes Her Senior Photos in a Taco Bell

Brittany Creech says she intends to make sure that her high school recognizes these pictures as her official class photos

Brittany Nicole Creech, a high school senior in St. Louis, Missouri, decided to buck the tradition of the classically scenic, outdoors-y senior photos for a setting that is much closer to her heart: Taco Bell.

“I think most seniors get their pictures taken outside,” Creech told BuzzFeed News. “I had some of those taken, too, but I also wanted something a little more fun.”

Creech says she doesn’t know for sure whether the school will let her use the photos, but that she intends to fight for her right to use the Taco Bell photos as her official pictures.

“My friends think it’s funny,” Creech said. “My best friend was just laughing so hard when she saw the pictures online.”

Taco Bell, meanwhile, is relishing Creech’s affection, sharing her photos on Twitter and calling them “senior picture goals.”

Considering how many seniors have successfully landed their prom dates using Taco Bell, this seems like a perfectly reasonable way for any Taco Bell-loving senior to cap off her year in a big way. 

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