Hidden Camera Found in a Which Wich Women’s Restroom in Arizona

This woman found a hidden iPhone that was recording in the restroom
Camera Found in Which Wich Restroom

Photo Modified: Flickr/Ron Cogswell/CC 4.0

An iPhone was hidden in an air freshener at this Which Wich shop in Arizona.

A woman found a recording device at a Which Wich in Glendale, Arizona, on August 1.

The woman, Lisa, told police that she heard a beeping sound in the restroom at the Westgate Entertainment District. She said, “I followed the sound and noticed there was a square air freshener, a plastic air freshener, on the floor… I opened it and pulled back the foil and noticed there was an iPhone in there.”

She went on to say that the iPhone was hot and “it was recording.” When she told the manager, he said, “I’m sorry. I’m embarrassed, but I can’t contact police right now because I do not want to ruin my business reputation.” Her boyfriend decided to notify the authorities, however.

Police are forensically examining the iPhone and investigators are looking through store surveillance to see who put the phone in the restroom.

The woman told CBS5 KPHO, “I was in shock… I felt very violated, you know?”

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