Heston Blumenthal’s the Fat Duck Reopens as a New ‘Theatrical Journey’ After a Popup in Australia

Heston Blumenthal’s the Fat Duck, one of the most expensive restaurants in the UK, is reopening after a nine-month absence

Wikimedia: GeographBot

The Fat Duck’s new menu will be a trip down memory lane. 

Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, arguably one of the most revered and exclusive dining experiences in the world, is back this fall after a nine-month “vacation” in Melbourne, Australia, for an extremely popular (and expensive, at $525 per plate) pop-up dinner experience.The Fat Duck will officially reopen September 29 with a unique, almost theatrical dining experience, featuring a new $390 tasting menu with fresh culinary creations, as well as a few nostalgic favorites. The restaurant is entering its 21st year.

“Every  dish  at  the  Fat  Duck  has  always  had  a  story,  a  reason  for  being,” chef Blumenthal said in a statement.  “I wanted to evolve more than ever before, those particular elements into a wider, more personal and connected experience for my guests.  I wanted to also offer something more individual, with a tailor-made element to the menu which would combine all my discoveries thus far, of storytelling, multi-sensory, playful nostalgia and memories.”

The menu will take the form of a map, with each dish meant to call up a childhood memory. The entire dining experience will evoke a “journey” with all elements of the restaurant — the menu, the  lighting, the tableware, the cutlery and the staff — joining in to “nudge” guests into experiencing “magical moments.”


Blumenthal’s iconic snail porridge will be semi-retired for now, to make room for new, as-of-yet-unnamed dishes. Tickets will be sold for reservations starting September 3.