Hershey's Kisses Are Now Made With Zero Artificial Ingredients

Hershey is making some big changes to its best-selling chocolate products. Hershey's ever-popular Kisses and bars are getting a makeover; the chocolate company is scrapping all artificial ingredients and colors to roll out brand new "all-natural" Hershey's Kisses and bars.The new chocolates have already started to appear on shelves, just in time for the holiday season.

We already announced in February Hershey's plans to go all-natural and "mostly" GMO-free in the name of "simplicity and transparency," and now the chocolate company is finally following through on their promise.

The new chocolates will be made with fresh milk from local farms in Pennsylvania, cocoa from West Africa, pure cane sugar, and "natural flavor," according to CNN Money.

"People want to see ingredients that they know and are familiar with in their foods, and we're listening," said Hershey Company VP Mary-Ann Somers. "There is a growing expectation for companies to provide more transparency about all that goes into their products and we're at the forefront."