Here’s an All-Emoji Review of Noma’s Tokyo Pop-Up

René Redzepi’s now-famous 15 courses offered at his Noma Tokyo pop-up, now in emoji form

It was only a matter of time before someone simplified the world’s most coveted meal into cartoon figures.

A meal at René Redzepi’s Noma Tokyo pop-up is so coveted that it has manifested an international 60,000-person waitlist. The 15-course $1,462-dinner has already been retweeted, re-blogged, and Instagrammed, with particular attention paid to the langoustine dish topped with black ants that are allegedly still alive. Yet it was only a matter of time before someone translated their one-of-a-kind Noma experience into emoji.

Bloomberg’s Tejal Rao flew to Tokyo to experience the tasting menu at Noma, and wrote down her experience in all-emoji form, presumably to save time and to continue savoring the extensive meal in front of her. In case you were wondering, the “ants on a langoustine” platter was represented by the embarrassed and nervous emoji, followed by a lemon, wave, and a rocket ship, and then topped off with two smiley faces. One can only presume that means her experience was better than expected. Overall, Rao gave her experience four stars, or a gasping emoji, an excited emoji, a smiley face and a face with two hearts for eyes.

“Redzepi, who has now been running Noma for about 15 years, produces deeply intelligent, thoughtful menus that are full of deliciousness,” wrote Rao in her final non-emoji review. “And when there’s a challenge, it rewards in unexpected ways.”


We’ll take that as an “OMG.” W2G, chef Redzepi!