Healthy Takeout Service, GoodMeal, Launches in New York City

GoodMeal, which is nutritious like Blue Apron but with no cooking necessary like Seamless, just launched in New York
Healthy Takeout Service, GoodMeal, Launches in New York City

Who knew that our takeout options weren’t limited to guilty pleasure foods?

When you think takeout, pizza, Chinese food, and other diet-ruining options come to mind, right? We want to be healthy, but our Netflix-addicted generation just doesn’t want to get off the couch. The folks at GoodMeal think they are the solution to the unhealthy Seamless conundrum. GoodMeal, which launched this spring in Manhattan, is the healthy prepared food delivery service. They are dubbing themselves “Plated, HelloFresh, Blue Apron but without the hassle of cooking.”

"Options in New York for eating a wholesome meal can be either expensive, time-consuming, or inconvenient,” Pedro Rivas, cofounder and CEO, told The Daily Meal. “We want to make healthy meals hassle-free. Through GoodMeal, we offer meal options that are made with fresh ingredients, arrive quickly, taste great, and most importantly, are good for you.”

Riveras went on to explain that a GoodMeal user could eat one of their meals every night (which range from $10 to $15 per plate), and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Each meal is developed by chef Michael Sherman (formerly of the Riverdale Garden), and nutritionist Gloria Cervantes. Plus, most dietary restrictions can be met: vegetarian, paleo, low carb, nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free or low-fat versions of each prepared meal are available.

Now on to the good stuff: the food. Sample menu items include chicken with roasted spring onions and mushroom confit, red kale and sweet potato rice bowls with BBQ chicken, and tequila orange grilled shrimp.

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