Health-Conscious Hot Dogs? Sabrett Is Making A Line Of All-Natural Franks

One of New York's famous hot dog brands, Sabrett, will be releasing a new line of health-conscious dogs just in time for National Hot Dog Day (by the way, have you checked out our list of America's 75 Best Hot Dogs to celebrate the occasion?).

The announcement was made in Island Park, Long Island, at Peter's Clam Bar on July 23 by Nassau County Legislator Francis Becker Jr. and Mark Rosen, vice president of Sabrett/Marathon Enterprises.

The hot dogs will be all-natural and skinless, and will contain no added nitrates, gluten, or preservatives. They will also have low sodium content.

At the announcement ceremony, Sabrett gave away free hot dogs from 11:30 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. in honor of National Hot Dog Day.

These new hot dogs are slated to release within the next month. Mark Rosen animatedly spoke with The Daily Meal, telling us: "Over the years, I've been seeing more and more people getting involved in being more health-conscious — people wanting quality products. We really sunk into it for a good solid year to find the proper spices and proper ingredients while keeping the same taste of Sabrett hot dogs."

Sabrett hot dogs are often found at amusement parks, ballparks, stadiums, and pushcarts, although you can also buy them in stores.