Hard Rock Cafe Put a Haggis Burger on the Menu, for Some Reason

Hard Rock Cafe is debuting its world burger tour to feature flavors from around the world, including sheep organs, apparently

Something tells us that regular Hard Rock customers aren’t going to be too keen on haggis.

Hard Rock Cafe is trying to expand its global culinary palate with the introduction of the world burger tour, featuring a schnitzel burger (topped with pork schnitzel, sauerkraut, and bacon); a marimba burger (with a chipotle and jalapeño spiced layer of beans, fresh salsa, and Monterey Jack cheese)… oh, and a haggis burger. Haggis, in case you’re not familiar, is a Scottish specialty that’s not for the faint of heart: it’s traditionally made from sheep offal (heart, lungs, and liver), and seasoned and boiled in a bag made from sheep stomach. Yummy.

So just to repeat: The Hard Rock Cafe, best known as the all-American casual restaurant located in nearly every vacation spot around the globe, will serve their tourist t-shirt-collecting patrons a burger topped with savory haggis, melted Monterey Jack cheese, golden turnip frazzles, and a whisky maple glaze. We’re skeptical, to say the least, but Hard Rock Cafe is all for it, it seems.


“Hard Rock has some adventurous burger fans,” said Alex Merchan, senior director of marketing for Hard Rock Cafe.  “That’s why Hard Rock’s World Burger Tour is so exciting, because guests have a chance to sample legendary local burgers around the world that feature unique ingredients — like the haggis burger or the schnitzel burger — without having to leave the country.”