‘Happy Wall’ Created in Anticipation of Shake Shack West Hollywood Opening

Danish artist Thomas Dambo’s interactive mural brings beauty to construction site
Happy Wall

Photo courtesy of Frank Wonho Lee

Dynamic mural and ever-changing installation consists of 1,664 hand-tooled wooden pixels crafted from repurposed materials.

The wait is (almost) over for Californians; Shake Shack West Hollywood, the first-ever California Shack is slated to open in Spring 2016. With construction under way, Shake Shack has commissioned an interactive art installation in anticipation of opening day, according to a press release.

“Construction sites are often dull and despairing, but who says it has to be that way?” Instead, Shake Shack invites passerby to “get happy.” The Happy Wall, created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, known for making beautiful projects out of recycled materials, is an interactive and colorful analog pixel screen. According to the release, “This dynamic mural and ever-changing, non-tech installation consists of 1,664 hand-tooled wooden pixels crafted from repurposed materials.”

While attending design school in Denmark, Dambo was inspired to revitalize construction sites that often go ignored. Dambo has brought his idea to life in Copenhagen and Las Vegas, with Los Angeles now joining the mix. The Shake Shack Happy Wall pays homage to Shake Shack’s roots, as the restaurant began as a hot dog stand to support Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation, I ♥ Taxi.

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The Happy Wall debuted on December 11 and will be taken down once construction is complete, shortly before opening day.