Guy Thinks His Hebrew Tattoo Says ‘Strength,’ but It Actually Says ‘Matzo’

It could have been worse
Guy Thinks His Hebrew Tattoo Says ‘Strength,’ but It Actually Says ‘Matzo’
Facebook/Sruli Schochet

He got it while he was in the military, apparently. 

Los Angeles resident Sruli Schochet was in Bentonville, Arkansas, for a spell when he came across a guy at Walmart with a huge tattoo in Hebrew on his forearm. When asked if he knew what his own tattoo meant, the man told Schochet and his friend proudly that “It means ‘strength,’ just like my name. I got it while I was in the military.”

Except it doesn’t.

Although Schochet didn’t have the heart to tell him, the word on his arm is actually “matzo,” the unleavened bread typically eaten during Passover, which also forms the basis for matzo ball soup and matzo brei, made from soaked matzo and eggs.

“When he told me that he thought it meant strength, my mind was spinning,” Schochet told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. “Was there some other definition of matzo that I didn’t know? But I looked it up and there isn’t. This poor guy totally got fooled.”

On the bright side, it probably won’t be a stretch for that guy to embrace the real meaning of his tattoo if someone ever tells him the truth. 

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