This Guy Successfully Ordered 100 Slices of Chashu Pork on Top of His Ramen

One intrepid food reporter ordered a mountain of meat at a ramen restaurant in Japan

Photo My Ramen Attempt Modified: Flickr/ Alex Krasavtsev/ CC License 2.0

This guy eventually gave up, but would you have soldiered on to finish all 100 slices of pork?

When you hear a story like this, it really makes you appreciate the skill of professional competitive eaters. An ordinary human (aka a non-competitive eater with a serious ramen craving) decided to test the outer limits of pork topping possibilities at his local ramen joint.Rocket News24 reporter P.J. successfully ordered 100 slices of chashu pork on top of his ramen at Ishiyaki Ramen Kazan in Japan. The mountain of meat was topped precariously with a half a hard-boiled egg.

When P.J. asked the chef if it was possible to order 100 slices of pork (normally the ramen restaurant only offers up to 30 slices), he said, “OK, but only if it’s just this one time.”

After digging in to the artfully designed pork spiral on top of the bowl of noodles and miso broth, P.J. found that he could not finish this impressive eating feat, and gave up after consuming 40 pork slices.


If you happen to find yourself at an authentic ramen bar and would like to try the 100-pork-slice challenge yourself, Rocket News 24 kindly provided us with the exact translation of the request in Japanese. “Chashu hyaku mai de mo daijobu desu ka?” Check out our list of the best ramen shops in America here.