Guy Fieri’s Unreleased Mixtape Has Been Leaked

First We Feast debuts the track list, cover art, and single ‘Donkey Sauce Flow’
Guy Fieri

lev radin / Shutterstock

The mixtape has yet to be officially confirmed, and some are skeptical.

Yesterday, First We Feast unveiled an exclusive first look at Guy Fieri’s unreleased mixtape, The Mayor of Flavortown. They write, “First We Feast has gained exclusive access to a full track list and cover art for Guy Fieri’s long-rumored rap debut, The Mayor of Flavortown.” To confirm its legitimacy, First We Feast shares a track from the album called “Donkey Sauce Flow,” which was reportedly leaked from “an anonymous member of Guy’s infamous Kulinary Krew.”

The lyrics to the song, posted in their entirety on First We Feast’s website, takes shots at New York Times food critic Pete Wells, “[T]hat dude is a layman (lame man) / He knows nothing about cuisine inspired by Van Halen,” and calls Bourdain “a fan, a phone, a fake, a punk, a stan.” The track list for The Mayor of Flavortown features the likes of 50 Cent, Kid Rock, and Drake.

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Despite what First We Feast says, not everyone is convinced that The Mayor of Flavortown is legitimate. The Daily Beast writes, “[W]hile it’s almost completely plausible that the frosty-tipped, backward sunglass wearing affront to fine food Fieri would go so far as to make a star-studded vanity record, and that it, and sure, he probably could get a bevvy of A, B, and D list artists to jump on board, the fact is The Mayor of Flavortown is just too damn good to be true.”