This Guy Ate Every New York Pizza Slice, Lived to Tell the Tale, and Wrote a Memoir


Wikimedia/ Amazon

A journey of 400 pizza slices begins with one bite.

Any New Yorker worth his or her salt has a few favorite pizza spots; the places where you can grab a cheesy, piping-hot slice on a paper plate dotted with grease spots. But this guy went all the way. Meet Colin Hagendorf, the man who set out set out in 2009 to try every pizza slice in all five boroughs in search of the best, all while blogging about his journey. Now, six years and 435 slices later, he has written a memoir about his experiences called Slice Harvester: a Memoir in Pizza.

Hagendorf recollected his experiences in this oregano-adorned odyssey, and even revealed his absolute favorite spot to get a slice: a little hole in the wall joint near Penn Station (go figure!) called Pizza Suprema. Why did he decide to go on this journey of epic pizza-portions? “It’s just ‘cause no one had done it,” Hagendorf explains in multiple interviews.

The book was released earlier this month — you can get yourself a copy here. As for Hagendorf? He’s still a fan of New York pizza, and, despite his extensive search, he hasn’t grown tired of it.


“I eat pizza all the time; I love pizza,” he told Marketplace.