GustOrganics in New York City Struggles to Make Rent After Switching to Vegan Menu


Despite praise from vegans, the restaurant has not reached nearly enough of its target demographic. 

GustOrganics, a restaurant in Manhattan that made the decision to switch to an all-vegan menu in November — and got hate-mail as a result — is now struggling to make its steep rent, and may soon be forced to close its doors.

The restaurant, which had been hugely popular with athletes and models alike, experienced a sharp drop in revenue after the switch.

“I was receiving hate emails from the CrossFit people, we were their go-to spot,” manager Kiki Adami told DNA Info in February. “I must have gotten 50 hate mails.”

At the time, Adami and her husband, chef Paul Chang, were still hopeful that the restaurant’s newer, “super gentle” clientele would be able to keep the restaurant going.

Several months later, however, Adami has confirmed to DNA Info that the restaurant had not paid its $20,000 per month rent in two months, and that despite an early influx of appreciation from vegans, their would-be clientele has been nowhere to be seen.

“There's always a lot of vegans who say to me, ‘Hey, we've been meaning to come but we haven't had a chance,’” Adami said.