Google Will Now Tell You How Busy Restaurants And Stores Are So You Can Avoid Long Lines

It's a Friday night and you arrive at your favorite restaurant, only to find that there is a two-hour wait — we've all been there. To help you avoid this tragic situation, Google will now show you when your favorite restaurant, café, or store is the busiest so you can avoid the long lines.

Google made this announcement on July 28. All you have to do is search for a restaurant or establishment and tap on the title. Then, scroll through to see a graph of popular times people frequent the restaurant throughout the week.

It is assumed that Google will base these traffic numbers on geolocation data from smartphones.

We've previously reported that a quick Google search will tell you exactly how many calories are in your food at restaurants and how many calories are in your Instagram photos. Now, you can calculate your meal's nutritional values and plan an ideal time to eat out.