The Girl Scout Organization is Experiencing a Thin Mint Shortage

If you ordered cookies from a Girl Scout in New Jersey, be prepared to wait a while

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Increased demand for the beloved Thin Mint has led to production shortages that will affect a small number of orders.

High demand for the ever-popular Thin Mint has led to a slight shortage of the ever-popular Girl Scout cookie, reports ABC News.

Little Brown Bakers, one of two companies that makes and manufactures the cookies, is reportedly experiencing a production delay that is throwing off the scheduled delivery of Thin Mints for a small percentage of customers.

The shortage has also forced LBB to reschedule deliveries of all their cookies for the affected scout troops from March 16 to March 21. The delay is only expected to affect troops that re-ordered extra boxes of Thin Mints, which account for approximately 25 percent of cookie sales, according to ABC News.

“While we are unable to pinpoint precisely the cause of this increase in demand, rest assured that the bakers are working around the clock to ensure that our councils, troops, and customers receive their cookie orders in a timely fashion,” the Girl Scouts of the USA said in a statement.

All 2,000 Girl Scout troops in New Jersey are affected, though customers who ordered cookies online will not experience delays. 

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