pizza delivery

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Get Your Pizza Faster With ‘Papa Priority’ from Papa John’s

The pizza chain is testing out the option to have your pizza made faster and delivered sooner
pizza delivery

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Papa John’s charges a pizza delivery fee around $3.

The typical wait time for pizza delivery can be anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. If you’re a Papa John’s fan, you can now get your pizza a little sooner, but it’ll cost a bit extra.

Recently, the pizza chain launched a new service that bumps certain orders to the front of the line for $2.99 at select locations, according to Associated Press.

However, Papa John’s has a few conditions with its new “Papa Priority” service, according to the company website.

The fee may vary based on date, time, or the chain’s sole discretion, and although the fee is paid in addition to the delivery fee, it doesn’t guarantee your order will be delivered within a certain time period or that it will be received faster than normal. There are also no cash alternatives or refunds for the service.


The service is limited to five orders total each night per restaurant location.