Get Spicy On The Go: Sriracha Now Comes In Packets

Now hot sauce fans' favorite Red Rooster is available on the go. Huy Fong Foods' wildly popular Sriracha sauce is now available in portable packets. Remember the pain of getting to a restaurant, only to find that its spicy Thai noodles were not nearly spicy enough for your taste? Or going to a friend's house for dinner and longing to sneak some heat into the food?Now you won't have to endure that first-world problem anymore.

Sriracha2Go, the company that brought you the mini Sriracha bottles, has made spicing up your food even easier with these ketchup-like packets. Sriracha2Go worked directly with Huy Fong to create the packets, which cost $14.99 for a 50-pack.

"We are both huge sriracha fans and have been for a long time," Kyle Lewis, one of the two co-founders of Sriracha2Go told ABC News. "Sriracha2Go came out of a personal need."

Get your Sriracha2Go here.