Get Excited: We Can Now Finally Buy Chocolate-Dipped Oreos

We're no stranger to chocolate-dipped Oreos. After all, you can find dozens of creative recipes for coating those incredible cream-filled cookies in chocolate right here on The Daily Meal. But now we can actually buy milk chocolate and white chocolate-dipped Oreos for the first time, and it's a game-changer.

Unfortunately, the cookies are only available in Travel Edition form (aka they are made in Spain, and you'll only find them at airports in Europe).

But these delicious treats just may be worth traveling for. According to a review on Brand Eating, they're actually really good, and they have a "smooth, polished finish" (which is probably a lot better than any homemade fudge-dipped Oreos that you could make).

"Overall, White Chocolate and Chocolate Travel Edition Oreos are really nice and like a chocolate candy bar version of Oreos," the review said.

You can get a pack of chocolate-dipped Oreos for € 7.90 ($8.99 USD).