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This German Supermarket Only Sells What Would Otherwise Be Food Waste

The supermarket sells everything from vegetables to beer
grocery store

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The Good Food is the third store of its kind in the European Union.

Last week, The Good Food supermarket in Cologne, Germany, opened its doors as the first of its kind in the country to only sell products that would have gone to waste for being imperfect or “ugly.”

Nicole Klaski, founder of The Good Food, travels to fields after harvest and gathers the vegetables left behind that otherwise would have been destroyed as food waste, DW reported.

In addition to only selling salvaged food waste, the supermarket’s pay model allows customers to decide how much they want to spend on each product.

"No one wants to throw the food away," Klaski told DW. "We save the vegetables and expired products, and the producers are happy that their food is still eaten.”

Aside from selling produce, non-perishable food items from larger manufacturers that are past their sell-by dates are also available — which is made clear to all customers.

"The expiry dates on products are only a suggestion for the consumer," Klaski said. "Most of the products last much longer."


Klaski hopes to spread awareness of the global food waste crisis and encourage more sustainable lifestyles with The Good Food supermarket as part of a larger movement.