George Foreman Now Has His Own Online Butcher Shop

George Foreman, the former heavyweight champion whose name adorns the small white grill found in more home kitchens than not, has recently launched an online store where you can buy artisan-cut meats (and sides) to cook on that appliance.

Meant to evoke the "traditions and commitment to quality of the old-style butcher shop," Foreman's butcher shop delivers meat from small family farms that's "hand-trimmed, hand-seasoned, hand-wrapped, and hand-delivered" to customers.

"These days, you want to know about the cow's brother, sister, the spot he stood on," Foreman told Fortune magazine. "The grill was about health. And now I can spell it out to people with this food."

The shop launched earlier this summer, and features plenty of Foreman-approved cuts of what promises to be "America's most trusted steak." For $120, you can check out the ultimate variety pack, with 11 pounds of meat, including all of George's favorites: ribeye steaks, tri-tip, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, bacon Cheddar brisket chuck burgers, and "fabulous" roasted pineapple teriyaki chicken breasts.