This Genius Device Can Squeeze Out Mustard and Ketchup at the Same Time

The Japanese have invented a simple tool that allows you to squeeze out mustard and ketchup onto your hot dog simultaneously
This ambitious goal would see our carbon footprint cut in half in 15 years.


Leave it to the Japanese to perfect something we should have thought of decades ago.

The ketchup-versus-mustard on your hot dog debate definitely has divided families (and the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council even took the side of mustard!)But what if you, shockingly, enjoy both mustard and ketchup on your hot dog or hamburger? We’ve discovered a simple solution that helps you avoid the inconvenience of squeezing condiments out of two bottles.

This GIF has been circulating on Imgur. The plastic packet, divided equally into ketchup and mustard pockets, can be easily folded in half. From there, small slits in the device allow you to evenly distribute both ketchup and mustard onto your hot dog in aesthetically pleasing ribbons of condiment satisfaction.

The device is found in many fast food restaurants in Japan, but doesn’t seem to have made its way to the States yet, much to the frustration of Americans who are forever dealing with those maddening ketchup packets we have here.


But at least we have the condiment gun (with a trigger and everything!) which you can buy on Amazon and shoot ketchup and mustard simultaneously onto your hot dog. But fair warning: these condiment guns costs at least $16 plus shipping and handling,, while the packets over in Japan would be free with your McMeal.